SupportAbility CMS empowers Australian disability service providers and helps them manage clients in more collaborative and effective manner under the NDIS.

Designed for NDIS

Designed for NDIS!

SupportAbility CMS was designed in collaboration with disability service organisations to meet the needs of service providers under the NDIS!

SupportAbility integrates with the NDIA provider portal for processing NDIS claims.

Plan and monitor client funding, set up client goals then record evidence and progress as you work together to achieve these goals. Share information and documents across services to provide the most cohesive service for your clients.

Empower your mobile teams

Access the full power SupportAbility CMS directly from your laptop, iPad or tablet. Whether its accessing medical information, recording evidence, completing client assessments in the field or accessing client documents, you now have full control over your information when and where you need it.
Google Maps fully integrated

Google Maps fully integrated

SupportAbility is fully integrated with google maps which means that it can easily show you where a client is located, directions on how to get there, calculate the travel distance and time for you, and even inform you about the current traffic conditions.
Staff rostering & client schedules with Microsoft Outlook integration


SupportAbility provides staff rostering facilities to can easily manage the rosters for each service within your organisation. Manage recurring rosters and get notified of time clashes. Rosters can be emailed, printed and you can even subscribe to them from your favourite calendar application such Microsoft Outlook, or sync with your iPhone, iPad, Google or Android calendar.

Client scheduling

With SupportAbility's client and staff scheduling, you can easily see which staff are working with which clients, where and when. It notifies you of timetable clashes and can display, and print both historical and scheduled service timetable information for staff and clients. You can even subscribe to SupportAbility client and staff schedules from your favourite calendar application such Microsoft Outlook, or sync with your iPhone, iPad, Google or Android calendar.

Communicate better with visualisation tools

SupportAbility makes your information come to life with new ways to visualise your data and interact with it. SupportAbility CMS helps you to visualise your data with graphs like these ones that you can print, or download to include in your word documents and emails.

Communicate and collaborate better with clients, families, government departments and other staff!

With all SupportAbility graphs, including the sample on the left, you can:
  • Reveal Detail: by hovering over the points on the graph
  • Filter: by clicking on the items in the legend
  • Zoom In: by clicking and dragging your mouse across the area of interest
  • Print and Download: by clicking on the icon in the bottom left corner of the graph
Attach documents directly to client records

Attach documents directly to client records

Are you using shared drives to manage client and staff documents and having version control issues or struggling to access those documents from iPads and other devices outside the office?

SupportAbility puts your files back where they belong, on the client record. SupportAbility provides you with version control, and reminds you when documents need to be reviewed or revised. You can even make certain documents like consent documents mandatory for all clients participating in a particular service.
Learning Centre

Learning Centre

SupportAbility has over 30 training videos available in its built in Learning Centre. Staff can access the videos to provide self-paced learning, and can revise the material whenever they need it. The Learning Centre makes it easy for new staff to get up to speed as soon as possible.

Managers can see the videos that staff have viewed and which parts of those videos using our video heat maps technology.

Automatic reminders

Know exactly what tasks need to be done simply by looking at your dashboard within SupportAbility. The dashboard is like having your very own personal assistant. It will notify you when:
  • Goal evidence isn't being recorded
  • Client and staff documents are due to be reviewed
  • Staff are due for training and reviews
  • A staff member has delegated a task to you or sent you a message

Comprehensive reporting

SupportAbility makes the most of your services data, and can generate a range of print, export and graphical reports to help you keep track of your business and report back to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Whether you need to process an NDIS claim or generate graphical demographic statistics about your clients and services for your AGM, SupportAbility helps you get the most out of your data.
Government grade audit-ability

Government grade audit-ability

SupportAbility stores your information indefinitely. Even years after the fact, you can see all the details of client activities and all of the file notes and goals evidence. SupportAbility cuts down auditing time and stress by allowing you to easily provide the information that auditors are looking for. SupportAbility makes it easy to manage your audit-ability requirements under the NDIS.
Backups you can trust

Backups you can trust

SupportAbility backs up your data to a remote server each night and hosts that backup for you so that you can actually log in and use it as an emergency live backup system if required.

We store your backups for a total of 30 days, including all your SupportAbility data as well as any documents that you have uploaded to client and staff records.
The power of the cloud

The power of the cloud

SupportAbility is cloud based software, which means that you never have to install software on staff machines, so you can start using SupportAbility without delay. All you need to get started is a web browser, which is what you're using right now to view this website. SupportAbility being in the cloud means that:
  • it's easy to use! If you can surf the web, you can use SupportAbility
  • your data is housed in a military grade secure data facility
  • your remote offices can access all your information without dialling in or using complicated VPNs
  • your offices have a more reliable connection to the software,
  • we can guarantee you 99.9% uptime
  • we can always ensure that you are using the highest quality servers and network infrastructure with built in redundancy
  • there's no down time, or having to stay back to do system upgrades. We perform all your upgrades remotely after hours so you'll never need to worry
Human resources

Human resources

SupportAbility allows you to manage you staff better with a host of built in Human Resources features including:
  • The ability to record staff contact details
  • A training register with training renewal reminders
  • Staff reviews with reminders for review and contract renewal dates
  • Staff goal management
  • Staff journals for tracking day to day notes against staff
  • Upload staff documents such as contracts and police checks and get renewal reminders
Multiple access levels

Multiple access levels

SupportAbility choose what certain staff can see and do within the system:
  • Choose team leaders that can access HR information and task lists for members of their team
  • Choose managers to see medical conditions, journal entries and documents that have been flagged for managers eyes only
  • Choose who can edit list options and change system settings
  • Choose who can delete records
  • Choose who can access SupportAbility from outside your registered offices
  • And much more...

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